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But oh Medusa, kiss me and crucify [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Rufus Wainwright Fans

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RUFUS IS A DAD!!! [Feb. 18th, 2011|09:57 pm]
Rufus Wainwright Fans
[mood |excitedexcited]

announcement from his official website front page:

Darling daughter Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen was born on February 2, 2011 in Los Angeles, California to proud parents Lorca Cohen, Rufus Wainwright and Deputy Dad Jorn Weisbrodt. The little angel is evidently healthy, presumably happy and certainly very very beautiful.

Daddy #1 would like to offer everyone a digital cigar and welcome the little lady in with a French phrase from his favorite folk song, A La Claire Fontaine : "Il y a longtemps que je t'aime, jamais je ne t'oublierai (So long I’ve been loving you, I will never forget you)."

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Rufus (and Martha!) @ The Greek Theatre [Sep. 2nd, 2010|03:26 am]
Rufus Wainwright Fans
[mood |awakeawake]

Sorry for my late report on Rufus' performance at the Greek Theatre on the 20th of August so here it is!

yet another rambly reportCollapse )
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birthday [Jul. 20th, 2010|09:42 pm]
Rufus Wainwright Fans
Is Rufus' birthday July 21, 22, or 26?

I'm seeing different things everywhere and I always forget.

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Oxford show [Apr. 27th, 2010|12:41 pm]
Rufus Wainwright Fans

Anyone else at the New Theatre last night?

It was good to hear nothing but voice and piano.  And yay he did Matinee Idol :)  But looked a little skinny, I thought.  On good form, humour-wise, but blanked several times, in Little Sister and Going to a Town.  Someone shouted "powdered wig!" first time and then he was OK.  Aw, bless :)
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Album review [Apr. 15th, 2010|12:03 am]
Rufus Wainwright Fans

Hi guys,
I had the honour of listening to the new album last week, so I reviewed it. I just started a music blog, it can be found here: http://mudpiemusic.tumblr.com/

I hope it will give you some insight, early on.

Sandra :)
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Prima Donna Ticket [Apr. 13th, 2010|06:41 pm]
Rufus Wainwright Fans
I am going to see Prima Donna this Saturday. A friend has just dropped out and I am left with a spare ticket. It's a really bad seat where the top of the scenery is obscured so the ticket's £20. It's at Sadler's Wells in Islington in London (nr. King's Cross) and the performance starts at 7:30, 17th April 2010.
If you're interested, please email me at eanoen@gmail.com
I'll have my email available at all times on my phone so really late notice is fine!
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All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu documentary [Mar. 27th, 2010|11:01 pm]
Rufus Wainwright Fans
Amazingly beautiful documentary by Gary Nadeau

Rufus Wainwright | All Days Are Nights: Songs For LuLu from gary nadeau on Vimeo.

P.S. Actually there are 9 more vids here http://vimeo.com/channels/rufus
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Rufus's new album All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu [Mar. 1st, 2010|12:41 pm]
Rufus Wainwright Fans


(preview of the album cover)

Release dates:
Canada, out March 23rd
UK, out April 5
US, out April 20

1. Who Are You New York?
2. Sad With What I Have
3. Martha
4. Give Me What I Want and Give It To Me Now!
5. True Loves
6. Sonnet 43
7. Sonnet 20
8. Sonnet 10
9. The Dream
10. What Would I Ever Do With A Rose?
11. Les Feux d'artifice t'appellent
12. Zebulon

Also, Interview with Rufus and performance of Zebulon
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(no subject) [Jan. 23rd, 2010|09:44 am]
Rufus Wainwright Fans

I hope this is okay to post. I am very saddened by the loss of Kate, and my friend linked me to a beautiful tribute article in the Times, with contributions from Rufus, Martha, and Anna. I thought you guys might like to read it.

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Oh yeah, this is my boy! [Jan. 13th, 2010|09:53 pm]
Rufus Wainwright Fans
I know you all follow Rufus on twitter but still:

And review also:
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